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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Recreation of a canvas

I have had a canvas over my bed for the past 5 years and decided amongst all the rain that we are having in my neck of the woods lately, that I would change it.  So the above is the final product.  I am really happy with it.  It kind of evolved as I did it.  I didn't have any set design or plan and I love it!
So once again I have used my trusted friend- modelling compound- love this product!  As you can see the old painting was very 'structured' and in my stage at the moment is more free form and liberal!  

Using the modelling compound or textured paste, I smeared the compound over the old painting using a spatula.  I ensured that it was added quite thickly and only on one third of the canvas.

Next I painted over the entire canvas with my trusty Dulux white wash and wear- 2 coats.
I then went over the other 2 thirds of the canvas with a mix of white paint and impasto gel- making it quite thick again, but a little smoother in texture.  Impasto gel give s a gloss appearance, where compound is matt and more dense- like toothpaste consistency

I then had this colour left over from another project and started by using a paintbrush and it wasn't going on so well so I put a blob on with my spatula and then smeared it- gee that was looking better, then I used vertical motions and viola!

I then mixed 2 shades of brown and smeared that below- ensuring there was some mixing of  the colours.

I love the unstructured lines, bumps and smears of paint and texture.

I allowed it to dry and hung it back in its rightful place.

 But didn't like it with the darker brown on top- so turned it around- that's better!
Hope you like it. J

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  1. Ohhh Jen.... You know how much I love a makeover project! Your canvas looks fantastic ... great balance of colour and texture, with the colours fitting perfectly into your room decor too. It is so good to modernise past artworks, we change, our ideas change and our taste changes.... plus we can have great fun doing it! Thanks for sharing! X


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