Art is in the eye of the beholder and so too are the images that inspire. My work varies from painting, drawing , sculpting and photography. I get my inspiration from artists that I love, things that surround me, my family and my imagination.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New designs

Red , black and silver pendant and ring
 I love holidays!!  Not only do I get to spend time with my beautiful family, but I get to spend more time making things that I love!!
Sage, turquoise and silver pendant and ring
 This turquoise pendant was inspired by my daughter who LOVES turquoise!  I tore pieces of painted paper from the same sheet to create a layered effect.
Gold, turquoise and hot pink pendant

Cobalt blue pendant with Emu feathers
 This was one of my first LPN collection designs, but I wasn't happy with the bubbles that were created. I was showing my parents the designs and my dad just loved it and said- it looks great.  Did you know that Emu feathers are in pairs- isn't that romantic- never alone- always with another!!
Sketch- pen
One of my favourite pen drawings.
postage stamp size- copper pendant
 This is small , but delicate and pretty.  Postage stamp size and with resin sticker to seal it.
Square ,fancy edge pendant

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ring around a Rosie!

I have started to put my skills to making rings now in a variety of colours.
 I made this one for my dear friend Mrs Tiff who loves all this French.

 This is one of my drawings put into a ring- and I have many others.
I even love the way the glue at times creates a third dimension with bubbles.  The great thing is that you never know what will happen!!  Each ring, except the drawn ones, are one offs as I use a variety painting techniques are used on each one.  I have now found some earrings to try!

Monday, June 6, 2011

More Jewelry and in Colour!

I have a dear friend who asked if I could make my jewelry in colour!  After thinking a few days and walking around the house for inspiration and Viola- this is what I came up with.  In her honour I have named the colour series after her 'The LPN' collection.

I have also started making rings.  It is such fun and I have had some fantastic feedback from people.  I am so excited with the prospect of these little gems.

I have also now made some black and white drawings in the rings and larger pendants too.  This could be endless project.  I am finding myself thinking about the next design when ever I get a moment to sit and take a breath.
From 'The Tree' series.

From the 'wonderer'

My first order- thanks LPN!
All ready to go home to my latest order.

So stay tuned, I would love your feedback!
J xo

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