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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wearable Artwork

I have wanted to do this project for a while, but as I have never worked with resin before, I was a little apprehensive.  None-the-less, I have done it!  This is how I went about it.

I had many drawings I had done whilst on my Winter holidays in June/July, so I chose one that appealed to me.

I then reduced it 4 times on the photocopier, to get the desired size for a stirling silver pendant I had purchased for a 'very reasonable' price on e-bay.
I touched up the black to ensure it was a true black and then put double sided tape on the image and inserted into the pendant.

I then read the manufactures instructions 'very carefully' and mixed 100ml of resin to 1.5ml of catalyst.  Always have a very well ventilated space to do this as the resin is very toxic.  I did this outside.   Mix the resin and catalyst in a washed butter container and a paddle pop stick.  This allows the chemical reaction to place- heating.
Bubbles start to form and you can pop them with a toothpick.  Let this set for 5 mins before putting on the image.
Next you start in the middle of the image adding drops in the centre of the pendant, one at a time.  Keep doing this until the whole pendant is filled.
Place a container over top of the pendant so that dust wont stick to it.  Check on it to pop any other bubble s that come to the surface.
And that's it- my first piece of wearable art!
This is me wearing it the next day- loving it.  Lots more to come!

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