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Monday, May 16, 2011

More JennyKay jewellery

I have been dabbling Resin to make some jewellery of late- not really dabbling more like possessed!  Anyhow, I started worrying in the middle of the night (as you do) that there is such health risks with using resin so often, so pondered and thought of an alternative.  When my dear friend Mrs Tiff gave me a oval pendant with with a glass dome covering.  So here are some pics of  my 'first go' with resin to the current design with glass dome.
You can see that my first go have now started to show signs of 'wear'.  I didn't adhere the drawing properly and so the resin seeped under the image causing it to go brown.

 These designs are from my latest idea of doing letters for people's names.  I have given some to some friends and even sold a few.
 This one is for my daughter and she wanted an aqua necklace - her favourite colour!
 This design is for a dear friend who has just been married.  This is for James and Leonie and I put the date of the wedding in the top design, along with a love heart in the bottom right corner. There were some bubbles with my last batch, so I am going to make her another one with the glass dome pendant.

Here is my latest design with the glass domed pedant.  Much more professional looking and no where near as toxic- Thanks Mrs Tiff!


  1. Fantastic job Jen! I love the monogram designs, especially miss L's, it is perfect. I like the way they are so personal and individual too! The oval with that glass has worked brilliantly and I can't wait to see more of your upcoming designs! It is so much fun to create your own jewelry, I think you are going to be very busy!!! X

  2. They look amazing Jen. I love the monograms. Ans so nice as a wedding gift. Your friend will love it! xx

  3. I love these Jen, a job well done! xx


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