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Friday, July 8, 2011

Drizzle Canvas

 I have had this canvas sitting in my study for months and now that I am on holidays, I finally have had a chance to try out a new idea that I had.
Several layers of glaze and burnt umber added here
I do apologise for not having the pics of the first step, but I don't seem to be able to see where I have saved them!!  Any how, firstly I smeared modelling compound onto the canvas.  I then used various items to create texture- non slip matting, lids and scoring tools.
A close up of the texture
 I painted the whole canvas in Kaiser colour red and allowed it to dry.  Then a second coat.
 I then used Jo Sonja's Clear Glaze Medium and Heave body paint (a drop only) to begin creating a transparent colour scheme.  The glaze makes the colour more vibrant and you can add many layers until you get he desired effect.
 Now here is the fun bit!  I then drizzled red paint down the canvas.  Squeezing out more paint when I wanted long drizzles.  When the paint reached the length that I wanted I lay it down to semi dry.

I poured a mix of Kaiser off white and Clear medium glaze together to see what effect would be created. It looks like Christmas icing doesn't it?

 I also added a mocha colour and then a final drizzle of gold

 A couple of days later I sprayed the canvas with White Kings, Crystal Clear Acrylic.  This gives a beautiful high gloss as well as preventing the canvas from yellowing.
 Well ventilated, but sorry- forgot the mask and glasses!!! OOPS

 I have replaced the other canvas that I did earlier in the year to the spare room and put my new passionate red canvas above my bed- more fitting don't you think??
Since taking these pics I have purchased 2 red cushions to tie in the canvas colours with the bed.  I am very pleased with it- It totally lifts the room.


  1. Wow Jen, love that red and the textures are amazing! The effect you have created is so unique and looks perfect in your bedroom! X

  2. Looks great Jen! Always fun to polish off some projects during the holidays. Perfect in your bedroom! xx


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